Custom Wood Garage Doors

     The growing popularity of Custom (Wood) Garage Doors has benefited home owners in a number of ways. First, the over-all quality, design and mechanical durabilty has grown in view of competition.

     Second, the number of manufacturers has grown with several West coast companys successfully shipping doors nationwide.   Also, there are several companys in Utah offering high quality doors!

     Because of both growth and competition, the design-variety of such doors  has increased.  And, the competition has kept costs at reasonable levels.

     The most interesting factor is  Value-Added. West Coast realtors are now reporting a 1/4  to 1/2 (of one percent) plus increase to asking prices of high end homes with Custom Wood Doors!

     Garage doors are, now, rivaling front (entrance) doors in their designs and sophistication. This site was created to give the home-owner all the information needed to make informed decision(s)...Time spent on these pages will be well worth the effort...Odds will be, however, you'll have several un-answered questions. Please feel free to contact us before you make final decision(s). Hundreds of homeowners all over America, indeed the world! are glad they did!

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