(Metal) Carriage House Doors

Painting Metal Doors

   A wide variety of metal Carriage House garage doors are now available. They are stunning additions to many architectural designs! (This residence is located in Scripps Ranch, SD, CA).

   Such doors can be painted with durable high quality oil based paints.
Darker colors are not recommended for South or West facing doors, though there is no problem with lighter colors.

   Homeowners will be instructed to keep their doors dusted (every 30 days) and washed once a year (warm, not hot, water containing NO detergent with a soft sponge) and then rinsed and TOWEL DRIED immediately to prevent water spots. This minimal maintenance will keep the doors looking great for many years!

   The cost(s) for painting these Carriage House doors is somewhat more than you might expect. This because of the labor-intense masking and, often, returns for application of Second Color.

   The results, however, are well worth it! 

   Some WORDS-OF-CAUTION, RE: Faux Finishes and metal doors!

     While the initial appearance(s) of faux finishes look great they are often nothing more than Cans-of-Worms waiting to be opened!

     In order to create the beautiful hues of colors, the craftsperson must 'layer' at least two or more paints allowing for future separation meaning  there will be cracking/peeling, no matter the words of assurance or 'up-to-date-products.'

    Also, if the door(s) face West or South (loads of Ultra Violet from the sun), fadeage becomes an issue within 18/24 months!

    If there is ever damage, being able to MATCH the finish may be impossible...especially if the craftsperson is no longer available...meaning the complete door will need re-finishing!!

    When any of these potential problems are taken into consideration, along with the cost-per-door, the homeowner should think long and hard about this investment!

    We strongly recommend you call the Stain/Paint Professor for additional information...before making your final decision! (Phone Numbers Below)



Darker Colors...

   This door is an excellent example of a metal door custom painted with darker colors. 

   However, the doors face east and are not subject to either extreme heat or high UV bombardment.

   It is one of two and the color scheme and door design really complement the architecture of the residence, home base for breeding thoroughbred horses! (Ramona, California).


Multiple Colors...

    This residence and its two large (garage) doors is also an excellent example of how color can integrate by both style (design) and color.    

   The rails (trim) were left the original factory white, while the faces were painted to match the siding.

   With its' graceful, curving driveway, the structures' "presentation" (from the street) is simply stunning.  

   The main building is to the left (out of photo). The double-double garage building increased vehicle storage while adding a huge "PlayRoom," above, for the three teenage sons!  (Location: La Jolla,  CA).


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