Color Selection/Finish/Wood Selection

    Selecting the color (tone & hue) for your custom door has become much easier!   The Stain Professor offers a 60-color palete, including all the brown, red and golden hues along with numerous "color washes."

     Because the product is semi-transparent, exact color-matching is usually within the 85-90% range!

     Your wood selection will also determine how closely you can achieve your color selection (see Wood Selection below for important information). Be sure you rec
eive at least 3-4 sample pieces of wood from the construction of your door for color sampling

     Your color selection can match or contrast various elements of your home's exterior.  For example, you may desire to match an elegant front door.  Maybe tie-in with the roof color.  Or,  you may desire to have the door(s) simply be a stand-alone statement.  The choices are up to you! (Rarely will a choice be architecturally incorrect.)


FINISH SELECTION:  Because of the High Quality formula of SuperDeck, just ONE coat will properly stain and protect your custom door(s).  This coat will provide an ultra low sheen (egg shell) finish. Occassionaly, a satin (sheen) is desired. Once the first coat has cured (48-60 hours) a second coat of clear resin can be applied for a sheen! This sheen-coat and it's application is not "time-sensitive" in that it may be applied anytime after the first coat has cured.  This allows the home owner plenty of time to be sure they want a sheen! The product is SuperDeck's Frontier Finish. It can be either High Gloss or Egg-Shell (satin).



CLEAR CEDAR...with it’s rich rose to pink undertones, CLEAR CEDAR is great to create drama with a touch of class in a garage door...

STK (Select, Tight Knot Cedar)...with a wide variety of knots, some similar to Alder knots...this wood is excellent for rustic, ranch style homes and will stain from medium golden browns all the way to dark rich browns.

ALDER...This tight grained light colored wood can be either Superior (99%  knot free) or knotty...usually selected where soft, lighter colors are desired, though it does “take” darker stains fairly well. Keep in mind that Alder graining is very subtle and darker colors will hide most of the graining...The home owner may not want to lose that much of the doors character!

REDWOOD...A striking wood with widely varying color graining from almost white to the typical rich “redwood” coloring. The homeowner will need to know that such a door will have incredible variances in the color no matter what the stain tone will be!

HEM-FIR...this very light wood has the remarkable ability to become wonderfully “dappled” once stained!  The door looks very consistent after prep-sanding, but once the stain is applied the various graining and tannins interact with the stains’ resins creating the Dappled effect. The homeowner should be aware of this wood’s prime feature to be sure it is an affect they’ll be satisfied with!

MAHOGANY...this wood comes in many, many “shades” so the homeowner needs to be sure of what basic Color Tone they are interested in before ordering a door!  Extremely light-colored mahogany (Obeech, for example) is very difficult to stain....just as attempting to paint a pure white wall a deep color would be!!  This wood does stain beautifully, is very durable and works well for deep golden to reddish brown stains!

MARANTI (Marine) PLYWOOD...a new and very durable multi-ply wood specifically created for custom garage door faces. Easily stained and very classey

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