For Your Information (FYI)

   There are only a  handful of  important  things for a  homeowner  to remember in the process of purchasing Custom Roll-Up Garage doors...However each is critical for the selection, purchase, installation and staining or painting to be fully acceptable and satisfying!

   The very first consideration should be the Direction-On-The-Compass the door(s) faces. North & East means you can select (do) just about anything by way of materials, painting or staining. South & West should be cause for a thoughtful process, though by no means should it mean extreme limitations!

METAL DOORS:  Direction-On-The-Compass is only important when selecting paint color. Keep in mind that the newer metal doors which can be factory-ordered with dark finishes will oxidize and fade rapidly if the door(s) face south or west. Even with very regular dusting & washing such colors simply cannot sustain depth (tone) of color for very long.

WOOD DOORS:  Here, the compass direction is more a matter of Maintenance than of rapid deterioration of finish or color. Again, North & East will mean selection of wood and finish maintenance will not be so critical as South & West.

   Most cedars (STK & Clear) work very well for all directions and stain nicely into many shades.

   Woods such as Alder & Mahogony work better facing North & East, tho with shorter maintenance cycles, South & West are just fine. sure to insist that at least 3-4 sample pieces of wood from the construction of your door be included in the delivery to your residence. These are critical for the sampling of colors prior to staining!

   Generally the Sales Reps for Wood Garage doors are very knowledgeable and will work closely with you on both the wood and architectural style suitable for the residence.

     For quick info feel free to call: 

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