Once your Custom Wood Garage Door has been stained you may elect to set up a Maintenance Agreement with either the Stain Professor or your professional stainer.

     This simple agreement relieves you have having to monitor the condition of your door(s), though it is important that you follow the Cleaning/Dusting Instructions you will be given!

     Depending on Compass Direction, maintenance of the door(s) will occur within 24-60 month increments.

     Because SuperDeck's main element is natural resin, the product will naturally degrade (much as a high quality wax on a car's painted surfaces!)  As your Maintenance Sequence nears, sprinkling a bit of water on the door will quickly determine if refinishing is required.  Just as a waxed car, water will bead-up if the surface is still sufficiently protected.  If the water just runs...Viola! Ready for maintenance!

     At this time the Stain Professor  (or your local craftsperson) will return, properly prepare and re-apply a coat of resin which will include UV inhibitors and a refresing of the color.

     The cost of maintenance is very modest and typically within $90-$130 (singles) and $190-$230 for doubles.

     Your part of the Maintenance Agreement is simple: You're required to softly dust the smooth portions of your door(s) several times a year. At least once each year you will need to gently hose-down the entire door(s) and then immediately towel dry all smooth portions. This is important because most city water includes both CHLORINE and CALCIUM and, just like wax on a car...the water drops WILL PERMANENTLY MARK the finishes' surface!

     Maintaining Custom Wood Garage Doors is inexpensive and a Maintenance Agreement relives the home owner of figuring out WHEN their door(s) need to be cared for...

NOTE: Remember...all of the above can be provided by a local (to you) craftsperson. We welcome calls to provide the necessary 'instruction(s)' for them!


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