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John Ruther
8/25/2009 03:20:13 am

We were having a very difficult time with our solid cedar garage doors. Originally, they were stained with a Minwax product (bad idea since that stain is for interior use only) and then a marine varnish. Every spring the varnish would need to be sanded since it was cracking and peeling. Our painter completely stripped these doors twice and then restained and revarnished them - only to find that the next spring they had to be redone.

Enter The Stain professor. I then was fortunate enough to find Errol, The Stain Professor. He told me that we needed to completly strip the doors and to stain them with Super Deck stain. He even told me exactly which color to use to match the exterior of our home. Errol spent alot of time with our painter telling him exactly how to apply the Super Deck products. After the stain he recommended using the Super Deck Frontier Finish top coat. This was last fall and now almost a year later the garage doors still look like they were just done. Not one area where the top coat is peeling. Errol told me we should be able to go 2-3 years before we would need to do any maintenance on these doors. I am completely convinced he is absolutely right!! Thanks Errol - you are the best. I'm so glad I contacted you and that we took your advice. If you want to see photos of these garage doors just go to the Welcome First Time Visitors page and scroll down - our doors are the second and third photos.

12/21/2009 06:24:47 am


Thanks for calling me today. Happy holidays!

Dr. Jungman
3/21/2011 04:52:37 pm


Cannot thank you enough for the time you took to do an incredible job on both my two walnut garage doors, and my three cedar doors.


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