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      The unique formula for the semi-transparent stain that the Stain Professor uses begins with the highest quality Carnuaba Wax.

     The Carnauba tree protects itself from the extreme climate of South America by producing the hardest natural wax known to man.  The incredible durability of Carnauba gives Superdeck Semi-Transparent Stain superior mar & scuff resistance. Carnauba is exceptionally long lasting and dries to a deep natural shine that does not cloud like other waxes.

  SuperDeck uses the highest quality Carnauba that is specially formulated to work with a unique linseed and Tung oil system for resilience and protection that can’t be beat! Carnauba protects from water damage by repelling water from the surface of wood. This helps to protect the wood from cracking, splitting and other water caused damage while allowing it to "breathe," expand and contract in a natural manner.

   Carnauba also blocks intense UV rays and holds up under extreme temperature changes. Carnauba is produced by a special palm tree that grows in the tropics of South America. Carnauba wax is harvested from leaves cut from the trees, so the tree is not endangered.

   The Stain Professor uses only SuperDeck (SD) products to assure the best "final product" for homeowners!


      Where extreme climate conditions prevail, “Maintenance” often becomes an issue.  All concerned (architects, contractors and homeowners will be glad to discover this is actually a NON-issue!)

    An excellent example would be for one to say, “I can’t/won’t purchase a car because of the (paint) Maintenance Issue!  A car’s painted finish should never be an issue in that it should be waxed about once or twice a year and when water no longer “beads” on the prepare and RE-wax the surface so the finish looks great for many years!

    The same applies to Custom Wood Garage Doors.  When correctly prepared and properly stained, they WILL look great for many, many years!  The key is the “base” of the product used to stain/seal the wood’s surface...Any product containing urethane or varnish (laquer is an INTERIOR product only) should NEVER be used on/for a wood garage door!  

     A wood garage door, unlike a front entrance door, is not “static.” Rather it is “dynamic” in that it twists and torques ever so slightly when opening or closing.  These motions will immediately cause urethane or varnish to develop minute cracks which,  in turn, allows moisture access to the wood. Within a matter of weeks or months the door will both discolor and, possibly deteriorate rapidly. 

    RESIN based stain never hardens 100%. This allows the wood to “breathe” (expand/contract naturally.)  Moreover, resin-based products, just like degrading wax on a car’s paint, CAN be maintained (scruffed and a fresh coat of resin applied).

    The SD formula, used by the Stain Professor, begins with the highest quality linseed and tung oil. Then resin (see sidebar, above) is added. Next, the best iron oxide color pigments and UV inhibitors are included and, finally a mildewcide.

    This product’s durabilty is so excellent that the manufacturer suggests just ONE  coat  for  DECKS!!   Imagine  it’s  durability on  a vertical door surface!

    The  finish  is  an ultra  low  sheen  Egg-Shell  appearance.  If the homeowner desires a full “sheen” a second coat of clear resin can be added.
This product is Frontier Finish (also SuperDeck) and can be either high gloss or egg-shell.
     Now, you CAN have that ultra enhancing Custom Wood Garage Door!

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