Staining Info & Sequence

     The staining sequence of your garage door is very important. Most will be totally stained AFTER installation and all SIX sides will be included (ext, int, edges & ends). In some instances, the interior, ends & edges will be stained prior to install with the exterior being completed after installation. (Some custom doors are wood overlays and the exteriors can be stained prior to installation. Consultation with both installers and The Stain Professor prior to installation is important).

     Because of the unique total formula of Super Deck (see Product Info page),  just one coat will both stain and fully protect (properly seal) your door(s)! This one-coat application creates an ultra low-sheen (egg shell) finish.

      As the popularity of Custom Wood, Roll-up Garage Doors spreads from the West coast, the most common questions  from (Utah) homeowners, General Contractors and even architects are: how well will staining last in Utah’s extreme weather & temperature conditions and, how often will maintenance be required?

     I’ve been staining such doors for almost a decade and my clients include homeowners in Phoenix, Palm Springs, Palm Desert and Borrego Springs with their extreme desert climates and in the upper elevations of San Diego County with extreme winter temperatures.

     The key to the success of staining wood garage doors is the product content!The ONLY primary content should be natural resin, NOT urethane, varnish or laquer!

     Oil borne, resin based, semitransparent stains never harden 100%. The stain film remains flexible allowing the wood to naturally “breathe” (expand and contract) while maintaining a waterproof barrier.

     The key is that resin based stain is maintainable where today’s urethane and varnish products become hard and brittle, often filled with minute cracks. Such surfaces cannot be fully prepared for re-staining thus allowing the door to darken or become very uneven in color!

     The finest resin based stains also contain high volumes of ultraviolet (UV) barriers for long lasting protection from the afternoon rays of the
sun (when west or south facing).

     North & east facing doors typically require re-staining about every 48-60 months, while south and west facing, on average, every 24-36 months. Such maintenance staining is typically very modest in cost.

     Most of my clients are delighted to discover that I have a Maintenance Agreement allowing them complete peace-of-mind knowing that their doors are being monitored on a regular basis at no cost!


    I am now spending about half of each month in Southern Utah and I will be delighted to discuss your garage door selection/color with either you, your architect or General Contractor...


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